The Struggle is real.

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For all us grown ass men working 9 to 5's and still skating in what little free time we have... The struggle is real? Haha...

- J


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A must see. Utah skateboarding at it's finest.



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New York, New York

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A good little look into the past.

NYC, 1981 from Austin Peters on Vimeo.

"New York, New York. SO bad they had to name it twice."

- J

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Long Live The Workshop

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With the recent sad downfall and dismantling it's hard to believe that Alien Workshop for a long time was at the head of the pack. For me especially, when they had Van Engelen, Arto, Berra and (last but not least) Kirchart, there was no one out there better. Heath and AVE have always been in my top 3 and the Mind Field workshop was a freaking masterpiece in my mind. And even right before the end, when everyone started to abandon ship, they were still so good. And if you need proof here is the workshop part from the Cinematographer project a couple years back as proof. I came across it this morning and got all nostaligic and pumped at the same time.

Long live the Workshop.


- J

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Growing up skateboarding in South Florida and skating Miami as much as I could, I was always psyched to see the Static videos, cause they had a bunch of Florida dudes in them. So needless to say, I psyched to check out the new Static IV premiere in Salt Lake last night. Without getting too nostalgic and sounding like an old timer, I'll just say it was rad to see a video that reminded me of the countless VHS videos I still have and keep hidden away like a treasure. I'm still thinking about it today and wishing I could be out skating instead of sitting behind a computer all day. It reminded me of when I was younger we'd skate anything that even remotely resembled a spot. And really that's how it should be. With ParadeMaker my goal I'm always re-imagining existing art or designs and re-purposing them, and I have skateboarding to thank for putting that vision in my head to begin with. Because still to this day I can't look at any ledge, stair set, or any architecture for that matter without thinking of it as a potential spot. And I bring that up cause Static IV is filled with that. Skateboarding anywhere, anything and everything. So my hats off all the skaters and Josh Stewart for a job well done.

And if all this doesn't make any sense check out Ian Mackaye's explanation of this same idea, he probably explains it better than I can anyways.

- J


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Still Weird After All These Years... #FBF

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Looking for a good Flashback Friday picture for instagram I decided to try and track down my old photobucket account. For the most part it hurts to see how awful my attempts at design were, but there's some gems on there too, so I'm taking a nostalgic dump right here. Enjoy...

Get yo creep on...


The Dude... oh wait no it's Pomps.


What are you looking at...


Float on.


The most awkward of teens.




- J

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Throw Back Thursday... Troubled Teens... Kinda

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I'm a little late to the whole "TBT" craze. But here's some gems from my awkward/awesome teenage years. 

Self Portrait.

Young Schwarrzenegger.

Murphy skating in a wife beater and freaking DC tech boots.


- J

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