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Posted on February 28, 2013 by Joshua Storer | 0 Comments

Okay so here's the deal...

Our blog used to be pretty decent on the old site, but when we built the new site we opted to leave the past in the past and start fresh. Needless to say our fresh start has sucked so far, so we're sorry about that. I was waiting around for some amazing and profound things to say, but I just realized I'm not even into profound and amazing things. ParadeMaker's whole identity is based around the exact opposite of profound. We revel in the idiotic and stupidity is kinda our forte. And personally my only real career goal is to be able to wear jeans to work everyday and to be able to take off to skatebaord whenever I want. So moving forward my goal is to spruce this place up with the random nonsense that fills my thoughts from day to day. And to make easier for everyone to navigate this sea of pointlessness the more frequent categories will be labeled for you. So come in and come often (that's what she said), and enjoy the random mix of inspiration, skate nerd talk, weird crap and more.

- Josh




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Inspiration: Circus posters

New Website!!

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