Skate Nerd: An introduction/Helmets, hot dogs, handrails and Kevin?

Posted on March 08, 2013 by Joshua Storer | 0 Comments

At the age of 14 skateboarding became to me what Bieber is to 14 year old girls. The only difference is my obsession never faded like theirs eventually will. If I'm not thinking about food or... well you know, then I'm thinking about skateboarding. 

So from here on out "SKATE NERD" is going to be a reoccuring theme/digtal shrine to all things skatebaording.

And what's a better way to start it out, than to highlight a fellow skate nerd. After watching Kevin kill it on multiple occasions I knew I need to hook him up. The kid is an addict just like me, except on another level. 

This Kevin...

 Oh wait... wrong clip... Let's try this again. This is Kevin.

Nice shirt dork... No but seriously nice SHIRT.

- Josh

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Still in love after all these years..

Inspiration: Circus posters

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